Trinis and the 750ml Honey Bottle

It is one of the things that seems to be unique to us. Purchasing large bottle of honey for the home. But why? Why do we need such a large bottle at once? We did some research and came up with a few sweet theories.

honey trinidad
  1. Availability of bottles. Many of the seasoned beekeepers will tell you there was a time when buying new bottles wasn’t an option. 40 years ago most beekeepers would collect the rum bottles from bars, sanitize them and reuse. Today, we have better packaging options and can buy new bottles when needed.
  2. Tradition. We have gotten used to it. If we were to look at our ‘honey culture’ it is our preferred size (even if it takes us a year to finish).
  3. Scarcity. Our primary production season is from January to June which means for the second half of the year honey can be more difficult to find. However, production can also vary within the dry season (like the non-existent dry season of 2018)

Whatever your preference pure honey doesn’t spoil so you can hold on to it for as long as you need to.

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